Lemme tell you a story...

I was born in London in 1980, moved up to Sheffield in 1991 and grew up on a nutritious diet of skateboarding, graffiti, rap, hardcore punk and UK rave culture.

After dropping out of Graphic Design college in 2000 I taught myself how to make flyers with an old cracked copy of Photoshop and printed them up in a small printshop on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton. During that time I started putting on parties, DJing and refining my artwork style.

After a move to Berlin in 2008 I started my own record label KLASSE WRECKS which is now responsible for the release of music on vinyl, tape and digital. Interest in my work grew quickly as others saw what I was capable of and at some point I decided it would be a good move to give my graphic alter-ego a name.

Over the years I am proud to have provided work for 100s of independent record labels around the world, most of these specialising in underground electronic House and Techno music.

I have also enjoyed working with established clients such as NIKE, ADIDAS, CARHARTT, EDWIN, POLAR SKATEBOARDS and OBEY.

I currently live a happy existence back in the green hills of Sheffield with my wife and dog, when I'm not designing I enjoy a busy schedule as a DJ and music maker. Releasing music under the name of LUCA LOZANO, when I'm not making music I'm touring the world with regular stints in Europe, Australia, South America and elsewhere.